How often should I come in and see my dentist?

To maintain oral health, we recommend scheduling a checkup every 6 months. This ensures you receive a professional clean, which will effectively remove the buildup of plaque, helping you maintain your oral hygiene. Regular visits also give us the opportunity to identify problems before they get more serious.

What pain free methods do you offer?

We use topical anaesthetic to make injections easier
We use local anaesthetic to make sure you are completely numb before treatment
We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which reduces anxiety and gag reflex
We can put you to sleep and do treatment in hospital under a general anaesthesia

Do you do skin rejuvenation, lip fillers and facial injectibles?

Yes we do! We use a range of therapies including wrinkle reduction, lip filling, Microdermabrasion and skin care to improve the look and feel of skin. It’s not just a smile makeover, it is a face makeover!

Do you treat emergencies?

Yes we do-we keep appointment everyday just for emergencies, call our team for information on what to do (e.g knocked a permanent tooth out-place it in a little milk, do not touch the root of the tooth and bring it straight in). Our phones are on from 8am so call early-calls are triaged and no one in pain goes unseen.

Do you use Digital Radiography?

Yes, all our x-rays are digital which means a fraction of the radiation of a conventional x-ray, including our 3D Cone Beam unit.

Are you the “One visit crown dentists?”

Yes we have both the Cerec digital scanning camera (no impressions) and the milling unit so if you are a candidate for a porcelain crown or filling it is milled and cemented all during the one appointment.

Will I need to be referred to a specialist?

We strive to keep all treatment under one roof for the convenience of our patients, we have installed a 3D cone beam unit and microscope to enable us to treat more implants, more root canals and oral surgery that would have previously been referred to a specialist. There will still be, however, some cases where it is necessary to refer you to a specialist.

Do you have HICAPS?

Yes just bring your health fund card with you and you only pay the gap if there is one.

Are you Open Saturdays?

No we are not open Saturdays. We are open Monday to Friday, as well as two late nights a week.

Do you Bulk Bill?

We Bulk Bill via the Child Dental Benefits Scheme-if you are not sure if your child is eligible feel free to call us and we can help.

Do you have a kids space in the waiting room?

We offer a kids corner where our little patients can wait in comfort