Dr Sonia Sunil

Dr Sonia Sunil grew up in Singapore and attended college, and completed dental school in 2016. She moved to Melbourne with her family and registered to practice dentistry in Australia. Queensland is very much her home now.

Dr Sonia’s mission is to provide comprehensive dental services to all patients in a safe, reassuringly pleasant and comfortable environment. She had the inspiration to enter the field of dentistry as a teenager, when she realized how much her classmates and even some adults she knew feared going to the dentist. She wants to make the experience more patient-friendly and comfortable, and she decided the best way to do it was to become a dentist herself.

Dr Sunil is a member of the Australian Dental Association and continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and the latest technology being considered or used. Her special interests lie in impacted wisdom teeth removal, implants and cosmetic dentistry like veneers, crowns and bridges.

In her free time, Dr Sonia likes keeping active with yoga, scuba diving and long hikes. She enjoys spending time and travelling with her partner.