Five benefits of CEREC same day crowns

April 29, 2022 | Dental

Traditionally crowns take two or more weeks to make, but CEREC crowns are made and fitted on the same day. Five benefits of these crowns include:

  1. Treatment is minimally invasive as there is no need for an ordinary tray impression. Instead, we take a highly accurate digital scan of your teeth using a tiny camera. The process is far more comfortable, and especially for anyone with a strong gag reflex.
  2. Same day crowns fit more precisely because we use digital technology. A precision fitted crown protects the tooth underneath more effectively, sealing the tooth and preventing harmful bacteria from causing infection and decay.
  3. You spend less time in the dental chair because we can make and fit your crown during a single appointment. Therefore, there is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to make a second appointment.
  4. Usually, you need to wear a temporary crown for two weeks, but there is no need for a same-day crown.
  5. CEREC crowns are made from durable, long-lasting porcelain, providing you with a restoration that looks and feels natural. With the proper care, you should enjoy your CEREC crown for years to come. A good oral care routine combined with professional checkups and cleanings will help prolong its life.