Tips for healthy teeth this winter

June 29, 2022 | Dental

There’s something nice about the crisp, cooler air of winter but it can be bad news for your teeth. Follow our easy tips to keep your teeth healthy this season.

Drink More Water

During the winter we tend to drink less water. When your mouth is drier, it can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and your breath is less likely to be fresh. Make sure you stay well-hydrated so your body can produce plenty of saliva which helps to keep your mouth clean and fresh, protecting your teeth and gums.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth tingle when you breathe in the colder winter air, you may have tooth sensitivity. Teeth can become more sensitive if your tooth enamel is eroded, or if your gums have receded. It can also be caused by other dental problems like tooth decay or crumbling fillings. Try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but most importantly come and see us here at Coffs Coast Dental + Facial. We can determine the reason for your tooth sensitivity and if needed, will provide appropriate treatment to repair and restore teeth.

Protecting Your Teeth on the Slopes

Lastly, if you are a keen skier, please wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth against injury. Mouthguards can help prevent chipped, broken or knocked out teeth and they protect your cheeks and lips too. Ask us about custom mouthguards which provide the best level of protection.